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We have so many plans and dreams, but our budget keeps getting in the way, and coming up with the funds is a constant struggle. Your willingness to help means everything to us.

We’re doing our best to raise funds from trusts, foundations and local councils, and we make sure to stretch every pound as far as it can go. We’d love to be self-sufficient, but at this point we do need to turn to you simply to keep going on. If you can make a one-off donation, you’ll make our day. If you kindly make that a recurring donation, we’ll be extra thrilled –

and dream even bigger!


 I want one lucky young lady to enjoy a netball session


to give one of our special friends the satisfaction of a gym session


let’s go for a full Sunday of fun & learning!


I want to go all the way! An unforgettable, weeklong winter holiday is awaiting one happy camper


Please make my donation automatically recur monthly.


Thank you for your interest in Misgav!