Off to Work!

By July 16, 2019 Grants

We were delighted and grateful to receive a grant from Hackney Parochial Charities, which completed the funding required to run Get2Work – Misgav’s new employment program – for a year.

Our young ladies have been dreaming of having a job like their friends and siblings, but they were hindered by negative perceptions of their abilities and a lack of life-skills.

Get2Work supports 20 women with disabilities into long-term employment, granting them sustainable independence, fulfilment and improved life prospects. Here’s how it works:

  • Users partake in weekly workshops focused on IT training (leading to OCR accreditation for some users), social skills, time management, and safe use of public transport.
  • Concurrently, our Projects Manager fosters links with local employers (offices, shops, libraries, childcare providers/nurseries), and identifies the preferences, strengths and needs of each user to ensure a successful and positive work placement.
  • Uniquely, local trained volunteers support users both at the training sessions and at their initial work sessions, providing encouragement and practical assistance when required.

Users are ultimately able to independently attend their paid jobs, with the Projects Manager acting as a liaison and source of ongoing support where necessary.

Proud Librarian!

Our pilot project proved how capable our women are once they are armed with the skills and confidence they need to challenge their own – and others’ – preconceptions about their employability. Some users are already in long-term employment following the pilot project – with this Hackney Parochial Charity grant the rest will have the opportunity to be entrusted with a job.

“Leah loves her job! It is just what she needed and she feels so good to say that she’s going to work. She meets so many new people and is so much happier and more confident!” – Liz, mother to Leah, who is 27 and has Down Syndrome.  

To our generous partners in delivering Get2Work: thank you for believing in our women! Thank you for giving them the chance to be successful and to integrate into the community.