Our Activities

Our activities empower, uplift and equip our women with the tools they need to soar. They also provide daily respite for our users’ families, which goes a long way in ensuring a happier, healthier home life.

Daily Activities

Users and their parents choose the activities, with new experiences regularly augmenting the old favourites. We strive to improve users’ lives in all areas.
Physical health: of course – we’re exercising every day!
Emotional wellbeing: you bet (check out those smiles!)
Independence: yes, yes, yes!
Happier families: that’s a no-brainer...


All of our sessions are run by qualified instructors, and participants benefit from 1:1 or 1:2 attention from our local volunteers. Individual targets are set and tracked, assessing the impact of our activities.

Bring out those specialised bikes! In conjunction with Pedal Power, every user experiences the pleasure of cycling outdoors, regardless of their specific disability or previous cycling proficiency.


Our shooting stars are improving their coordination, balance, agility, and ability to follow instructions and be a team member – but they’re too busy cheering to notice...


Mat work, exercise machines, aerobics routines – this fast-paced session gets hearts pumping, muscles moving, and those ‘happy hormone’ endorphins flowing!


There’s lots of splashing and laughter as users master a range of strokes. These sessions are particularly liberating for wheelchair users, who are otherwise unable to move around freely. Our swimmers love showcasing their abilities at bi-annual swimming galas, attended by proud family and friends.



Our arts sessions encourage self-expression and creativity, and are deeply therapeutic, relaxing and satisfying.

By learning to use a range of instruments, our women create magical music, accompanied by spontaneous singing.

Music therapy

Things are about to get messy! There are masterpieces in the making, which their creators proudly take home to display.

Art therapy

Independent living

At this stage in their lives, our women want to be more self-sufficient. We set them on the path to independence, helping them get there step by step – each at their own pace.

From using basic functions in Microsoft Office to sending emails, our women are prepared to utilise IT as a practical and communication tool – with OCR accreditation to prove it.

IT sessions

Conversation skills. Interpreting non-verbal communication. Hygiene and self-care. Respecting others’ personal space. Problem solving. Emotional regulation. Teamwork. None of this comes naturally to our women, but when taught with Misgav’s trademark patience and individualised strategies, the magic happens.

Social Skills

Wriggle those green fingers! St. Mary’s Secret Garden is a local pocket of nature where users participate in various gardening activities, coming home pleasantly tired. Seeing their plants flourishing under their care is tremendously rewarding.


Healthy meals and snacks, coming right up! Our cooks learn to prepare (and then enjoy sampling!) simple dishes they can replicate at home, with a side of nutritional education.


Users get hands-on mentoring in making a shopping list, planning a journey, using public transport, shopping safely, filling out forms, asking for assistance, and budgeting.

Out & About