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Rainbows 2019 – The Countdown Begins! – Misgav

Rainbows 2019 – The Countdown Begins!

By July 16, 2019 Camps

It’s the highlight of the year – and it’s almost here! Rainbows is Misgav’s annual 2-week residential holiday for our 20 happy campers and their incredible 1:1 volunteers.

Memories… What’s in store this year?

This year we’ll be holidaying in Manchester, and are looking forward to a packed programme of trips, activities, entertainers and workshops – all with lots of fun and friendship, of course!

As our young ladies have varying levels of health, communication, and mobility needs, they are unable to arrange a holiday on their own. At Rainbows they enjoy specialised support, while their families cherish the extended respite opportunity.

We’re feeling the Rainbows spirits already, with packages of exciting crafts and souvenirs arriving, and the stimulating programme taking shape. There’s definitely a lot of laughter, love and learning coming!

We’ll tell you all about it afterwards… Stay tuned!