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By August 5, 2019 Grants

Hackney VCS Grants has once again demonstrated their understanding of our users’ needs by kindly awarding Misgav a grant to contribute towards the running costs of a year’s worth of netball and music sessions for over 20 women with disabilities.

The winning smile!

At Shooting Stars, the sessions begin with our young ladies splitting into teams and taking positions. The game commences with coaching in the games rules, turn-taking and appropriate communication throughout. Seeing the ball slip through the net, users cheer on their friends with genuine joy and pride, regardless of which team they’re on. The atmosphere is competitive but friendly, motivational and encouraging. The sessions conclude with individual shooting practice for each user, while their friends chat to the volunteers as an integrated, happy group of friends.

Music ‘n’ Movement is a 2-hour session led by a qualified volunteer instructor. Users experiment with and master several musical instruments (drums, percussion instruments, wind instruments, keyboard), accompanied by singing and freestyle dancing. Users learn about the fundamentals of music, including rhythm, beats, composition and improvisation. Music is famed for its relaxing qualities, and serves as a vital form of self-expression for users. The sessions culminate in a community showcase event, where users display their skills on stage in a beautiful performance. Our most recent event was well-attended and received delightful feedback. Users are awaiting our next event with great anticipation.

Making music…

27.9% of disabled adults report being limited in leisure activities, compared to only 2.8% of non-disabled people (Equality and Human Rights Commission, 2017). Misgav fills the gap, so users enjoy improved physical health, enhanced emotional health, increased social inclusion, and happier home environments.

Hackney Council have been a steadfast partner since Misgav’s inception, enabling us to expand our reach and impact. We are exceptionally grateful for their ongoing support of our mission.